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You tried to start the exploit but you're constatly meet by this error: "MSVCP140.dll is missing" don't worry this is very common and easy to fix.

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You've tried to open the software but nothing shows up or you tried injecting the Software into a process but get a null injection error.

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Everytime you try to run the Software you get a popup saying 'Missing [name].dll, this is also very common and very aesy to fix.

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You just downloaded the file but instead of getting a .rar or .zip you have a random program with a logo and it wont do nothing.

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Pain Exist

Pain Exist & Flareo

A top-of-the line free Jailbreak Exploit and Lua Executor with exclusive brand new functions, updated frequently.

[Trial] SLX


Unrestricted Lua execution exploit, currently on trial and is able to execute the most advanced Lua scripts.


Don Ho

Notepad++ is a simple IDE for Windows that supports a wide selection of programming languages.